Guns & Gold: The curious case of Andhra’s treasury official assets

As if it were a scene straight out of an action thriller, a police raid in Anantapur unravelled tonnes of gold and silver ornaments along with guns of different sizes and models. It is not from a rich businessman who fancies horses or has made shooting his hobby. This came right out of a government employee’s hidden treasure. 
Surprised? There’s more to this. The man had nearly 50 different types of gold and silver ornaments, weapons that he fancied and several documents, promissory notes. Interestingly, he also owns horses and fancy bikes like Harley Davidson and two Hero Honda Karizmas along with three Royal Enfield Bullets, 2 SUVs and three tractors. Wondering how? Well, Corruption it is. 
He also had cash worth Rs. 15 lakh, fixed deposits and NSS bonds worth Rs. 49 lakh, and promissory notes worth Rs. 27 lakh. He had three