Here’s how this 105-yr-old woman from Kurnool survived COVID

The pandemic has been claiming lives of several people across the world, irrespective of their age group. However, senior citizens have been most vulnerable of COVID-19 and its fatalities. In fact, at a time when Andhra Pradesh slowly grew to become a state with highest spike in daily cases and Kurnool turning out to be a major hotspot for Virus, one exceptional case made news. 
A 105-year-old woman from Kurnool has not only survived COVID with co-morbidities but also has recovered from it and is living happily following her treatment. Mohanamma has proved that one can beat COVID irrespective of age if one follows a proper diet, is physically fit and is mentally strong and confident to overcome the virus. 
According to her, it is her Yoga and proper healthy diet that helped her overcome the Coronavirus at a ripe age of 105 years. The elderly woman said her regular lifestyle includes a balanced diet, meditation and a walk. She lives with one of her sons, has 26 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. 
The street where she lives was among the worst-affected localities in Kurnool, with over 100 coronavirus cases. Mohanamma tested positive for the virus last month, and was admitted to the Kurnool GGH, thereafter. 
“Timely medication and her healthy lifestyle such as meditation and diet, helped her recover. She cooperated with the hospital staff without fear,” said hospital authorities. Going by Mohanamma’s story, it is clear that a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and great routine can help one overcome any obstacle, irrespective of their age. 
Well, health is indeed wealth. The Better Andhra wishes wishes Mohanamma longer life and hopes that many take inspiration from her and make healthy living part of their routine. 

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