How any incident in Andhra nowadays turns a caste war

If you are an outsider who enters any part of Andhra Pradesh, don’t be surprised if someone asks you for your full name. You might be thinking they might want to know your full name and get excited. Relax! Most people are just trying to decipher your caste. 


Whether you are a celebrity, an influencer or just a local in a remote village of Andhra Pradesh, you shall not be spared. If you don’t trust this, they go to Google search and type a Telugu celebrity’s name. In the search recommendations, you are sure to find “X person’s name…caste” as one of the suggestions. Well, you see, that’s Andhra’s obsession with caste in a nutshell!
Unfortunately, as many political leaders and analysts have predicted, the aftermath of the state’s bifurcation was expected to see casteism spike in Andhra. Alas! It turned out to be true. In fact, locals have gone a step further and have begun encouraging everything in a “Caste-driven” way. Especially, after the Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy-led government took over, caste fights and crimes have spiralled in the state. 
The most unfortunate incidents taking place in the state are now happening within the government. Not only is the YSRCP-led government encouraging and openly recruiting people from the Reddy community, but it is also allowing them to break the law and misbehave/misuse laws in their favour. The police and government employees have fallen silent to such atrocities. 
A recent example of Andhra’s caste madness came to the fore when a police officer (who belonged to a forward caste) had an argument with a Backward Caste (BC) leader and insulted him stating that “after all, you are a BC. You cannot do anything. You just can’t!” This video has not only gone viral but has sent chills down the spines of several citizens across the state who are petrified at the brutality of the police and their brash behaviour. 
This is not the first time that such open threat to a certain caste has been made. Over the last few months, several leaders of the Telugu Desam Party, their cadre and some from other parties have been beaten up, threatened publicly by YSRCP goons who have allegedly brought back “rowdyism” to the state. These yahoos and their behaviour is not only despicable and unacceptable but also has turned the state into a caste warzone! 
Unfortunately, the whole Swarna Palace incident where COVID patients died due to a fire accident is now being propagated through the caste lens by the YSRCP. This incident was highlighted through a tweet by actor Ram Pothineni. In his tweet, he said that the issue is being attached to one caste and urged Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy to look into it as it would bring bad name to him. 
While his tweet was initially misread by YSRCP supporters as something in favour of them, later, Ram tweeted stating that many from YSRCP as misleading people into believing that a certain caste is responsible for the fire accident. After the second tweet, Ram was attacked viciously by YSRCP trolls and attached to a certain caste, again! 
This propaganda of attaching a certain caste to anyone who speaks against the YSRCP has been the modus operandi of YSRCP supporters and trolls. In fact, it has gotten so vicious and bitter that they do not think of the aftermath of their bitterness on the person and how it affects them or their families. 
Looks like the current government and its blind supporters’ propaganda is turning Andhra into a casteist society. It is unfortunate that those who revolt and highlight such atrocities too are silenced through legal action or threats. We will have to wait and watch whether there would be an end to viewing anything through a caste lens in the state or whether they can ever give up their caste and think about the state’s future, even once! 

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