Three Capitals Issue: Different voices & opinions add more confusion

It seems like the Bharatiya Janata Party is confused when it comes to deciding on the issue of three capitals — a decision taken by Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy-led government. While the Governor has given a nod for three capitals — Kurnool, Visakhapatnam and Amaravati as Judicial, executive and legislative capitals, respectively — the BJP is sending mixed messages to the people. 
In a statement, BJP National Secretary Ram Madhav has said that Andhra Pradesh doesn’t need three capitals. Citing the size of a bigger state like Uttar Pradesh, he said that “when a state like UP has a single capitals, why does AP need three capitals?.” Not stopping at that, he clarified that the Centre has limited role in the issue. 
“When the state government can decide it wants three capitals, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be questioned,” he said, adding that “let’s see what the courts decide.” Going by his response, it is pretty evident that he is unhappy with the decision on three capitals issue and doesn’t see the need for it, in the middle of a pandemic or otherwise too! 
Going further, he questioned: “Which Indian state has three capitals? UP has four times more population than AP but has only one capital, Lucknow. Is not the administration there running smoothly? In fact, three capitals shouldn’t mean triple the existing corruption.” He added that the BJP will fight for Amaravati farmers until they get justice. 
While the state unit and the BJP High Command seem to be out of sync, reflecting different opinions, some leaders of Visakhapatnam  have said that if Amaravati is not going to be the capital, then AP can have “only Visakhapatnam as the capital and not three capitals.”
Meanwhile, showing empathy for Amaravati farmers and their ongoing protests, Vizag leaders added that the sacrifice of thousands of farmers should not go waste and there needs to be a solution before the state government takes a decision on shifting to Vizag as its executive capital. 
Going by all the voices arising from the state, it seems like the decision on three capitals has only added more confusion to an already existing pandemonium in the state. Alas, Andhra Pradesh! 

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