Where have all the promises gone, Mr. CM?

The Better Andhra has been at the forefront of voicing injustices in the state of Andhra Pradesh under the current government led by Chief Minister Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy. 
If one analyses the promises the YSRCP government made at the beginning of its tenure, soon after the 2019 polls, one can easily count the no.of promises it has fulfilled (or not). With recent atrocities against Dalits in the state reaching an all time high, the law and order situation in the state is getting out of control. 
With the police showing a clear bias in favour of the current government and hooliganism running wild across the state, there seems to be no end to woes of the citizens apart from the threats (physical violence), extortion and land grabs being reported by several people. 
Not only is the lawlessness getting out of hand, but when someone raises their voice against the government, they are being replied with “we gave you this scheme with so many crores, so you have no right to speak.” This has become the YSRCP leaders’ statement across the board. 
What is sickening is the fact that the YSRCP leaders along with the Chief Minister seems to believe that the taxpayers’ money (for schemes) is something they are spending out of their pockets. There is not even an inkling of empathy, either towards the citizens or the political parties, raising their voice against the unjust practices by the current government. 
During a pandemic, when the government needs to do its best in crisis management and handle COVID-19, the situation is worsening in the state while the state government seems to remain nonchalant about it. 
In the latest news, Andhra Pradesh became the second worst-affected state due to coronavirus in India as it surpassed Tamil Nadu, recording over 4.24 lakh coronavirus cases. The state reported over 10,000 COVID-19 cases for the fifth straight day today, taking the total count to 4,24,767 — behind only Maharashtra.
Adding to this is the issue of three capitals and the confusion it is causing. With Amaravati farmers’ protests entering the 250th day, there is not a care from the government and neither has it taken any decision of shifting operations to Vizag. With everything remaining at a standstill and cases pending in the High Court, the state is currently in a limbo. 
However, all this begs a question: Why had the YSRCP supported Amaravati as the capital when Chandrababu Naidu-led government between 2014 and 2019 had passed a resolution in the state legislative assembly? In fact, interestingly, Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy had also then mentioned that deciding on Amaravati as capital would also give equal importance to all three regions of the state as it remains centrally located and wouldn’t cause hassles for people from others regions.
It seems like the YSRCP government has a short-term memory loss or is completely unperturbed by its past promises or the promises it made to the people of the state who gave it a thumping majority. So, going by all the atrocities, lack of law and order control and rising violence across the state, every citizen in the state is asking: “Where have all your promises gone, Mr. CM?.”

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