Who is this “Dr. Subhashree Ray” & why is Twitterati riling up against her?

 The state’s Twitterati has been taking the case of one “Dr. Subhashree Ray” for some time now. Who is this person? How did she get noticed by social media users and why exactly? 
Well, for starters, Subhashree Ray, according to her Twitter Bio, is into Corporate Medical Service at Reliance and claims to be a PhD scholar. Well, the doctorate here has misled several people into believing that she is a medical doctor. Adding to that, she has been extensively publicising the Jagan government’s “awesome work on handling COVID.” 
Convinced yet? Well, she shot to fame on Twitter when she claimed that Jagan government was in fact the best government in the world to handle COVID so effectively while people were actually reading about New Zealand being the best country to handle the Virus & lockdown effectively. 
Going by her overexcitement and blind praise on Twitter at a time when Andhra Pradesh was actually seeing a rapid rise in cases, many of her followers began noticing that she may not be an “expert.” Following her uninhibited publicity of the Jagan government, the state appointed her as a first responder for Arogya Andhra on social media. 
While she has been running campaigns on boosting immunity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, some of her tweets again remain shady. Her tweet from (which is a satirical website) shows that she is not aware of the Onion’s satire format and believed some random news to be true and retweeted it. Similarly, she has been retweeting Jagan’s tweets on the recent Vijayawada Fire accident
 Not only that, many have questioned the basis for her Doctorate and her work. Following Subhashree’s mysterious PhD controversy raked on Twitter, the issue twisted into an Us Vs. Them where YSRCP followers began defending her without any logic while those from TDP, Jana Sena and BJP are still questioning about her published work. 
Well, despite the whole controversy, one cannot understand why a nutritionist is giving medical advice without knowing the protocols rather than an actual doctor and why the government has taken special interest in her only after her "uninhibited praise for Jagan."

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