Telangana CM greets youth on International Youth Day

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has greeted youth in the state ahead of the International Youth Day (August 12).

The CM said youth played a pivotal role in the separate Telangana statehood movement and in the state under self-governance. He said with the formation of Telangana, youth are being given many opportunities in political and administrative sectors and in the law-making bodies, especially youth from the weaker and oppressed sections. This process would continue in future too, he added.

Keeping in view future of youth, the state government is redesigning and revamping agriculture, industries and IT sectors, he said. In the sectors where there is potential for employment such as tourism, logistics and other such new sectors, the government is encouraging youth, he added.

Rao said the government is extending several schemes for self-employment. The government job sector is expanded by scientifically implementing the zonal system. With innovative schemes and measures the rural economy is strengthened, paving way for the employment of the youth.

The CM said in the days to come, the role of youth in all the sectors would become more important. The future belongs to the Telangana youth, he added.

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