WWF India to adopt 50,000 trees at Heartfulness headquarters

 WWF India's Hyderabad Office on Monday announced its initiative with Heartfulness Institute to adopt 50,000 trees at Kanha Shantivanam, the global headquarters of Heartfulness, in Hyderabad.

This initiative is part of WWF India's Sustainable Trees program and Heartfulness's Green Kanha mission. Under this programme, WWF India is funding the maintenance and growth of these trees along with monitoring the progress of plantation.

WWF-India's Sustainable Trees campaign is an initiative to plant native indigenous tree species across India involving school and college students, grassroots organisations and concerned citizens.

The plantation is planned over two seasons and a majority of the trees have already been planted and the remaining to be planted by end of August.

WWF India, Hyderabad Office Director Farida Tampal geotagged the plantation area. Geo-tagging of plantation zones will help keep track of the progress of the expanding green cover by using satellite imagery.

"With an aim to carry out plantation of 1 million of native plant species across India and ensure their survival through key partnerships, WWF India has engaged in several initiatives to not only spread awareness but also directly contribute towards increasing the green footprint. We are delighted to partner with Heartfulness for our Sustainable Tree initiative and have committed to this collaboration to increase the lung space," Tampal said.

"The resplendence of today's Green Kanha is a labour of several hearts and souls, nurturing every tree planted here over the years. Green Kanha is an example of what the mind can achieve if directed well - the transformed landscape here bears testimony to this. Our collaboration with WWF India motivates us to continue our efforts towards the green cause and should inspire other similar organisations and corporates to focus towards increasing the green cover and we encourage them to partner with us towards that end," said Daaji, guide of Heartfulness.

The Green Kanha Initiative over the last 6 years has transformed the dry, rocky and barren area into a lush green landscape that is now home to 500,000 plus trees nurtured and grown with utmost care with over 10,000 trees translocated from different areas of the country, and a nursery of 5 lakh plus plants that act as a constant supply to the ongoing greening initiatives at the global headquarters of Heartfulness Institute situated in Kanha Shantivanam, Hyderabad.

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