Except for staff salaries, AP Govt stops all payments

In another jolt to investors, businesses and contractors carrying out pending works, the state government led by Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has decided to stop the payments for all works. Except for salaries and pensions, rest of the payments have been halted by the state. 
According to reports, several bills are pending with the Treasury and Pay and Accounts departments of AP state government. But, the government has put all those bills on hold, claiming cash crunch as a prime reason. On the other hand, several departments have been complaining of insufficient funds. 
Large number of bills are pending since Assembly Elections. It is heard that even transport bills have not been cleared by the government. For instance: The bills pertaining to Visakhapatnam district officials who had availed cab services at Rs. 60,000 per car per month during elections, have not been cleared yet. 
Even after five months, the dues are unpaid inviting flak from the taxi companies who are planning to stage dharnas demanding their pending payments. Visakha District Cab Owners and Drivers Association president B.M. Patrudu said that officials have reasoned the “lack of funds” for the delay in payment. 
The government is paying the salaries and pensions of employees on priority as delay in that would invite huge anger and outcry from various government employees. And, the next priority is the welfare schemes announced by CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Government officials admit that the bills submitted during previous government have been kept on hold. 

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