Teacher’s Day special: 7 Reasons why Teachers are so crucial

Teachers are one of the most important people in all of our lives. They shape and mould each and every person into who they become, intentionally or not. Teachers don’t get enough credit for the hard work they continuously do during school, and after. 
Here are seven reasons why teachers are so important.
  1. Teachers work round-the-clock: 
Often, it is assumed that when a teacher finishes their school day, their work is over. A teacher's work never really truly ends. They often times don't leave school until much later than students, and when they do, they have papers to grade and meetings with parents.
2. Everything a teacher does is to help better their students: 
Teachers learn how they can help each and every kid they come in contact with. Not just educationally, but emotionally. A teacher can help students grow and mature into better people. Young children learn from what they see, and they will often follow a teacher's lead.
3. Teachers don’t accept failure, and they push you to better yourself:
Everyone has felt like they weren't enough or that they absolutely could never learn that hard math equation. Teachers don’t accept “I can’t” as an answer, and they help you get through your roadblocks.
4. Teachers have patience:
When parents aren't around, teachers are the ones who have to take care their child. Anyone with kids knows, they can be ALOT of work. Not to mention they have more than 10. Can you imagine having 10 children? It seems like a hefty amount of work, and that's what a teacher does. They have to have enough patience to help and care for many children. That deserves a trophy on its own.
5. Teachers stay positive:
Even among the crazy, chaotic and loud days, teachers know how to stay positive and not let it get to them.
6. Teachers don’t teach so that someone will recognize them; they teach because they want to help others:
It isn't super common that teachers get recognized for all the hard work they do. I have found that it can be really hard being a teacher because many people don't see all of the hard work that actually gets put into it.
7. Teachers can be the only sense of stability for some children: 
Children that come from hard homes often look up to their teachers. Their teachers make a huge difference in their lives and sometimes the teacher has absolutely no idea. Teachers spend a lot of time with kids, sometimes even more than their parents do. Their personality and characteristics rub off on kids who don't have someone else to look up to.
On this Teacher’s Day, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the teachers around us, who have been responsible in shaping us!

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