WorldSuicidePreventionDay: How right parenting can save your child's life

For a lot of us, mental health is still an issue that is laughed at. But, what we, in Indian households don’t realise, is that a lot of this is linked to our behaviours at home.
According to the World Health Organisation, one person commits suicide every 40 second in the world. In India, one person commits suicide every 55 minutes. And, the rate of suicides is highest in kids between 15-19 years age group, after women. It is important for us to know that the right kind of parenting can make kids more accepted and loved.
In today’s age, we see a lot of parents preventing a child from learning something by doing. Before a child falls, the parent is ready to protect and put all safeguards in place. If a child falls, let him/her learn to pick herself up. You could be there to encourage the child to learn from it and support them, rather than making them fragile physically and emotionally.
This kind of repeated over-protective behaviour from parents needs to stop. In the process, these kids will end up being dependent for their mental needs on parents, without learning to deal with it by themselves.
Teaching the kid life skills and ways for his/her own survival is crucial. This includes physical activity, less gadget time and building a rapport where the kid opens up and shares anything with you, is very crucial. It makes them mentally strong and deal with rejection in their own way.
What they need is your support and love, not your anger or frustration. It is important to help your kids become mentally strong humans who can find happiness by themselves and not in materialistic pleasures. 
Finally, I hope this note makes a difference and brings realisation among many of us, which can help us save lives and make people live positively!

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