Hapless Amaravati Farmers write to PM Modi on Capital issue

The woes of Amaravati farmers continue as the state government fastens the process of shifting its capital to Visakhapatnam. With the statement of minister Kodali Nani to shift even the Legislative Capital from Amaravati, the three-capital issue along with the cries of farmers of Amaravati has got worse.
As there is no relief to beleaguered farmers of Amaravati who offered their lands to the previous state government through Land Pooling System (LPS), as a last attempt, the farmers and women from Amaravati have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 
Seeking PM Modi’s intervention on Amaravati and reminding him that he was part of the Bhumi Pooja of Amaravati, the farmers appealed to the PM to make a statement on Amaravati in Parliament in the ongoing Monsoon Session. The farmers urged Modi to make a statement in support of Amaravati as capital.
In the letter, farmers alleged the state government is “harassing” them in the name of SIT, CID and Sub-Committee investigations on farmers who are selling their lands. The farmers alleged that there is a bigger conspiracy behind the government's allegations of “Insider Trading”.
 The farmers alleged that the present state government is not honouring the agreement that happened between farmers and the previous government. They further expressed doubts stating that if Amaravati lands are facing “insider Trading” allegation, will the same logic and law apply to CM Jagan who bought lands in Kadapa in the name of his daughter. 
The farmers went onto allege that the state government is doing “One-sided Trading” in the name of lands distribution. They said that the state government is diverting the whole issue from the “ongoing corruption in lands distribution” and hence, it is “labeling corruption” on Amaravati farmers. 
The farmers appealed to PM Modi that the government has constituted a sub-committee on Amravati with the very people who are opposing Amaravati as capital. The farmers demanded justice and asked PM Modi to intervene and make a statement in favour of farmers in the Parliament.
Meanwhile, state BJP leaders are silent over Amaravati farmers’ letter to the PM. As the Centre made its stand clear on Amaravati and 3 capitals and even the YSRCP extended its support to NDA in Rajya Sabha and supported NDA candidate Harivansh for the post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman, it looks like PM Modi may remain silent on the issue, further proving that AP is heading towards irreparable damage.

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