Peek Into History: Capitals of the Vijayanagara Empire

(This article is part 1 of The Better Andhra’s ‘History Series’ on Capitals of Vijayanagara Empire)
The fame of the Vijayanagara Empire rests, according to popular belief, on the grandeur of its capital, which foreign travellers have greatly extolled; but there is every reason to believe that something of its greatness originated from and ended in places other than the City of Victory (Vijayanagara).
The common conception about this greatest capital of the Empire deserves to be modified to some extent in the light of contemporary history. The beginnings of the Empire were laid, as the reader must have guessed by the remarks about the origin of the kingdom of Harihara I, not in the famous city which has given the Empire its name, but in one or two centres about it which were hallowed by the memories of quasi-historical persons and of the Hoysalas themselves. 
It has already been pointed out that in the times of Ballala III, his Mahamandale