How you can fight Climate Change - 3 Things to do!

First, let’s be honest, we will not solve the climate crisis with individual actions only. We need political will and we need to implement the technological innovations that already exist today. But if we’re a many, many people to implement some of these easy changes in our life, we might create a momentum, until these actions become the norms!
  1. Money, money, money
Most of the world’s top banks are continuing to lend tens of billions for extracting the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels, so if you are a climate activist, a sustainable entrepreneur, a green politician, yet still have your money in a bank that finances the fossil fuel industry, you might want to change this.
Between 2016 and 2018, just 33 global private sector banks funnelled a staggering US$1.9 TRILLION into fossil fuel projects and companies. On the top of the list are JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, Bank of America, and RBC. Deutsche Bank is here too, as well as BNP Paribas and Société Générale.
Solution: There are some sustainable banks out there (more and more in fact!). So just have a look online for banks that support sustainable and local projects in your country, and banks that only invest in the future of the planet. Now, imagine if we’d all do this! That’s a lot of money to finance the ecological transition, isn’t it?
2. Green power in your house
Our houses are full of electric devices that we can barely live without. All of these continually consume a lot of energy. But the good news is that in most part of the world, there are solutions to reduce your energy consumption impact on the environment.
Solution: Switch to “green power.” If you are renting your place, you can call your utility company and ask about buying clean electricity. If they don’t offer the option, be nice, say thank you, and find an energy provider that uses 100% renewables. If you have the privilege to own a house, add solar panels to your roof. With the plunging price of solar power, you will not regret it! You can also better insulate your house, and save tons of energy (and money) that way.
3. Your opinion matters
Your impact over politics doesn’t end right after you cast your ballot, and one of the greatest thing about living in a democracy is that you should be able to easily find out where your representatives stand when it comes to the ecological transition. Now, you might have voted for someone who is has been nothing but disappointing since they took power (yes, I do speak from experience here…): make it known! If many of us make it clear that we want them to establish and implement green policies, they will certainly do so. Remember politicians need our vote in the next election. They will implement green policies if we’re really, really many people to ask for it.
Solution: Check how your representatives have voted on recent climate and science issues and take action when they are not acting for the planet. You can start a campaign so that hundreds of people call or send emails to the ones that are opposing sustainable measures, you can start petitions, you can raise awareness in your community, and you can join the protests!
Other things to do: Use a bicycle, instead of driving; eat a plant-based diet instead of meat, fly less or not at all, buy local food as much as possible and buy less stuff in general (the joy of acquiring new goods fades away quickly when you realise that it contributes to depleting the earth’s resources).

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