Vignan Students develop a robot to collect coconuts

It takes a quite a lot of skill and plenty of energy to climb a coconut tree and pluck coconuts. Using all but a rope to support, the men toil throughout the day with the sun on them. But now thanks to an innovative designed robot from students of Vignan University, the felling of coconuts can be completed without much effort. 
The coconut tree climbing robot is a recent innovation by students of Mechanical Engineering of Vignan University, which fetched them the top honours at the Entrepreneurship Meet organised by the IU organisation, Narsapur.
The students Surya Harshit, Murali Manohar (Mechanical), Teja Swaroop, Vinay Kumar (ECE) designed the robot through which the coconuts could be felled using a joy stick or using an app from a smartphone. Users can even monitor the actions using images from a camera attached to the robot.
The device can rotate around the tree and can be used with a battery. The students were guided by professors Ravi Kumar, Narayana Rao and Vikram.

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