Book Excerpt: Meet Life with Full Presence & Power

Let us remember that all that we love in life can be accessed only now. All we seek is here, with us and available to us in this moment. All the real riches–love, passion, joy, satisfaction, harmony–are available now on the menu of the mind, available for us to savor should we awake and order them. All that we seek to become is also here; we can choose what role we want to play and how we will direct life’s energies in each moment. Should we learn to direct our awareness and power in all we do, then discontent shall disappear and a vital energy will return. We will sense a vibrancy unfathomable to most men and women of this Earth. For this, let us declare: We Shall Meet Life with Full Presence and Power.
Being fully present in life not only means being observant and unfailing in addressing our realities, but also deciding to proactively choose our roles and behaviors each day.
In any given moment, we can play one or a combination of six vital roles. Inattention to these possible roles leads to a life without intentio