How TDP is thrown into confusion by BJP’s Hindutva Politics in AP

It goes without saying that the Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy-led government in the state has been encouraging conversions ever since it took over in May 2019. While the Y.S. Family is known for massive conversions and evangelism, rumour has it that the current government is also responsible for the continuous attacks on Hindu temples. 
The whole situation of religion taking over local politics has put the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in a quandary. In the current turmoil of religious politics, the TDP is left to choose sides on siding with a religion while it has not really been vocal about its Hindutva stance since beginning. 
As a party that has supported social equality, the conversions to Christianity and desecration of idols in Hindu temples has now forced the party to take a hardline stand. Siding with the Hindu angle, the TDP has been vociferously working on a campaign to show that a “Christian CM has been working against Hindus’ interests in the state.” 
This tough stand of the TDP has made it easy for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to make its presence felt. From 2014 ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, the saffron party has been trying very hard to enter the South. 
With Andhra Pradesh being in the middle of the caste and religion politics currently, it has become vulnerable to religious divide. That is a ripe ground for the BJP to practise its Hindutva politics. From caste politics, Andhra Pradesh has allowed religious politics to enter through a Christian CM helming the state. 
Unfortunately, CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s violation of the TTD clause in declaring himself as a non-Hindu in Tirumala recently during his darshan also courted a controversy, which was strongly opposed by the Hindus in the state. While the TDP has been voicing its concerns over physical violence on its members and religious discrimination, it remains to be seen how the party will benefit from this pro-Hindu stand it has taken. Would it lose out on the minority vote bank? Would it keep its voter base intact? Or will it lose out on both and end up nowhere? We’ll have to see. 
There is also word that the TDP is trying to cosy up to the BJP. According to sources close to the TDP High Command, the BJP central leadership has been neutral and in fact, positive towards the TDP ever since Chandrababu Naidu has been working on his social initiative supporting the Central government in helping with COVID crisis. 
Sources say that the BJP is putting up an act in the state to show that it is supporting the YSRCP internally but it is also weighing its chances of looking the TDP way, if opportunity arises. Looks like the TDP and BJP still have a chance to make amends. Well, only time will tell.

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