Lawlessness, Conversions & Violence: How Jagan-led YSRCP is messing up AP

The new normal under the Jaganmohan Reddy-led government is to attack any opposition leader and threaten them. That is the modus operandi of YSRCP and the party-supported goons. Ever since the party won the elections in Andhra Pradesh in 2019, attacks on political parties other than their allies have continued to increase in the state. 
Especially, leaders from the Telugu Desam Party and a few from Jana Sena have been at the receiving end of the YSRCP’s threats and physical violence. From murders to unauthorised bulldozing of houses, attacking cars and vehicles of the opposition leaders, YSRCP members are stooping to new lows every day. 
While temple attacks and vandalising incidents also go unabated in the state, these physical attacks on opposition leaders have not only gone too far but also are threading the social fabric and peace in the state. 
Responding to such lawlessness that the state government is covertly encouraging, Telugu Desam Party national general secretary and former Minister Nara Lokesh accused the YSRCP Government of trying to cover up the suspicious death of a SC youth, Ajay, in excise police custody in Vijayawada.
He added that the Dalit youth was called in the name of investigation and was badly beaten that led to his eventual death. The death happened while Ajay was in the custody of the Special Enforcement Bureau.“Efforts are being made to give ill health as the cause behind the death of Ajay. The government did not put pressure on the investigation. They have been threatening parents and family members not to raise suspicions.”
Expressing concern over the rising atrocities, Telugu Desam Party members have constantly been stating that the Jagan Reddy regime treated the Durga Temple Board Member’s son differently for the same charges as another Dalit youth.
“Dalits are being persecuted now. Just for not wearing a mask, Dalit youth Kiran Kumar was beaten to death. For asking for masks, Dalit doctor Dr. Sudhakar was beaten and branded as insane,” he said.
“Have police stations been converted into the YSRCP faction dens? Just for protesting against illegal sand transportation, Dalit youth Vara Prasad was called and tonsured at the police station. The Dalits will teach a befitting lesson to the YSRCP when the opportunity comes,” he added.
Recently, TDP Spokesperson’s car was thrashed by miscreants who allegedly belong to the YSRCP.  Going by the spate of such ghastly incidents physical violence, caste discrimination, increased conversions of Hindus to Christianity and continuous desecration of idols and attacks on Hindu temples, Jaganmohan Reddy’s government has a lot to explain to the people of Andhra Pradesh in the coming days! 
For now, it looks like there are “goons ruling the state” while it remains messed up with no hope to progress. At least people from the Centre are having a good laugh looking at the current state of lawlessness and lack of progress in Andhra Pradesh. 

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