Peek into History: Emergence of Caste Politics in Andhra Pradesh (Part 2)

(This article is second in the series on the evolution and development of Telugu States)
The agrarian struggles in coastal Andhra and Telangana contributed to the emergence of a peasant stratagem belonging predominantly to the Kamma and Reddy castes, respectively. The Kamma peasantry, dominant in the deltaic districts of Krishna and Guntur (sites of the anti-zamindari struggles), and the Kapu and Reddy peasantry of Nalgonda and Warangal (centres of the Telangana peasant struggle), came to dominate the communist movement. 
Having gravitated to the undivided Communist Party and swollen its ranks, the families belonging to these communities remained with it and retained their left-wing identities, even as the electoral fortunes of the left dwindled after the formation of A