'Bigg Boss Telugu 5': Weekend round-up

Before the weekend eliminations happen, here is the whole week's round-up of 'Bigg Boss Telegu 5'. The week started with Sunny being the captain, as he and his ration manager RJ Kajal are seen doing their duties well, despite the initial hiccups.

Although the emotional nominations for eliminations went on for a day or two, the housemates were seen cooling off later.

The makers of 'Bigg Boss' announced the captaincy task and mentioned that the contestants would have to prove themselves in four different rounds, so as to compete for the captaincy task.

Well, Sunny did a great job in seeking all the housemates' opinions for each round.

Manas: Manas, who is one of the strong contestants, gave his best in all of the tasks but lost a game to singer Sree Rama Chandra. However, he picks up and gives a tough fight, and becomes the captaincy contender.

Sree Rama Chandra: Sree Rama Chandra, as usual, is one of the finest players, but his involvement in groups earned him negativity all through the week. His sacrifice for Jessie in the nominations had a good impact. He won over Manas in one of the physical tasks. But, later in the real captaincy task, the singer tripped, using annoying gestures. He was more involved in provoking Sunny and Manas, rather than winning the captaincy task.

VJ Sunny: Sunny's temperamental attitude is well understood by his competitors. It appears like most of the housemates are taking advantage of his temperament, so as to bring out the worst out of him. He did a great job as a captain, but the house selected Sunny as the worst player of the week.

Anne: Anne is a potential player, but her current mindset is making her trip over, during the tasks. It appears as her focus has always been to target others who seek each other's help, rather than her being in a safe position. Anne's performance during the task with Priyanka is to be appreciated but she gave up on the captaincy task, which is considered wrong.

Other contestants like Siri, Kajal, Jessie, Lobo, Vishwa, and Priyanka were not seen much.

On the other hand, Shannu and Siri were well-focused as they were getting closer. Siri even went further and kissed Shanmukh on his forehead, which was not well-received by the Telugu audience.

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