Finally, AP Govt sanctions meagre fund for Polavaram Flood Bank

The State government has given administrative approval for Rs. 79.76 crore for protection of Polavaram Irrigation Project (PIP) flood bank at Ramalayampet near Yedurulanka in East Godavari district, which is facing erosion during flooding. With the threat of the entire flood bank getting eroded, the government will take up pitching and revetment works to fortify it.
According to the GO issued by Special Chief Secretary (Water Resources) Adityanath Das, Gowthami River and Vridha Gowthami River directly hit the marginal lands and flood banks at different chainages on Gowthami Right Flood Bank and PIP Flood Bank during flooding. Due to this, the marginal lands were getting eroded and slipping into the River Godavari.
The officials informed Adityanath Das that the erosion was causing heavy damage to both the flood banks. “Unless these high margin lands are protected with necessary formation of stone pitching immediately, there is possibility of these high margin lands getting merged into the river and thereby the erosion may come up to the flood bank.”

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