3 ways TDP can revive itself in Telangana

The GHMC elections in Hyderabad are grabbing everyone’s attention. With this opportunity, the Telugu Desam Party and its High Command can draw interesting strategies to revive the party in Telangana.
Even if the party is considering GHMC elections as a test-bed for revival, it needs to ensure it creates enough propaganda against TRS and the BJP for not supporting both Telugu States with enough funds that they deserve.
  1. It needs to clarify its roots of how TDP was established as a party for Telugu people and is not against Telangana people. 
  2. It can use the IT crowd well for creating jobs in Hyderabad and bringing the city its global recognition. 
  3. It can show how TRS is opposing Polavaram and portray BJP as the one that is not releasing funds for the State. Similarly, i can show Jana Sena as the party that is supporting BJP in stopping AP and Telangana’s development…Basically focussing on stopping the progress of Telugu People.  
So, if Jana Sena used its friendship with BJP and asked the High Command of BJP to first sanction funds for Polavaram and then told the BJP that it would support the saffron party in GHMC, only after it announced funds for AP and Telangana, Pawan’s value among people would have grown immensely. 
Another aspect is because the TRS is with MIM in Telangana, Seemandhra voters may not really sway towards TRS unless the party promises them good infrastructure and urban amenities. So, it can focus completely on portraying how TRS, BJP and Congress are putting their politics at the forefront rather than people’s interests. 
Additionally, TDP’s stronghold of BC community voter base still exists in Telangana. Though the party is weak here, it has strong cadre. So, it needs to be planned well.

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