Advantage TRS? How GHMC Elections announcement came as a jolt to BJP

Like they say, if there is a party that is always prepared for elections in India, it is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The idea of forming governments in every state in tandem with its “Akhand Bharat” ambition, BJP has been working aggressively across the country to improve its cadre and workforce apart from working on transforming the psyche of the citizens too. 
From campaigns spewing venom on the Opposition of the party in each state to making them villains, the BJP has been successful in pushing propaganda into the masses. In Telangana, following the Dubbaka by-election win for the party, it is clear that the party is now eyeing space and seats in the Greater Hyderabad area. 
Given that Hyderabad has a pre-dominant Muslim population, BJP believes that it can create space for itself by invoking communal messaging and propagating it extensively. However, the TRS on the other hand, is exactly using this communal ideology of the saffron party to show that the BJP brigade may disturb communal harmony in the state if allowed to win seats. 
While it looks like a stiff competition between the BJP and the TRS, it is clear that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi has agreed to the fact that BJP is the real Opposition for it in the state and not the Congress. What sprung up as a surprise in the GHMC elections is the Jana Sena Party. It is clear that no one understands what Jana Sena’s strategies are, but suddenly appearing the GHMC polls clearly indicates that Pawan Kalyan-led party is vying to split TRS’ votes in the GHMC limits. 
However, the sudden announcement of GHMC elections came as a jolt to the BJP while the TRS apparently was ready for the polls declaration by the State Election Commission. Even as the BJP declared its unpreparedness of the polls and kept nagging at the December 1st date for civic polls, the TRS allotted area-wise incharges and came up with an immediate list, almost as if they knew about the announcement. 
Going by the current political scenario in the state of Telangana, it looks like both TRS and BJP are vying for a larger pie in Hyderabad and surrounding areas. We’ll have to wait and watch who will impress the urban crowd better! 

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