Andhra Pradesh beaches fill up during Kathikamasam community lunches

Hundreds of people in Andhra Pradesh's West Godavari district and across the state have started visiting beaches as part of 'Vana Bojanalu' (community lunches), commemorating 'Karthikamasam'.

People started observing the month-long 'Karthikamasam' from Monday, which extends till December 14.

"Karthikamasam is a very pleasant time of the year. Nature is gentle during this time. Sun is mild and the days are cooler. There will be changes in the human body also. So it is good to visit the beach and have a salt water bath (in the sea)," Sridhar, a saree trader from Bhimavaram told.

He said people are recommended to go for a bath in the sea which also has spiritual significance.

"Nobody will listen if you just tell them to go to the sea but when they are told about spirituality, they will listen," he said.

As a person who regularly goes for 'Vana Bojanalu' annually with family, Sridhar said sitting under a gooseberry tree for lunch is auspicious.

With a 19km coastline, the district on the west side of the mighty Godavari river is blessed with some pristine beaches in Perupalem, Peddamainivanilanka and others, where many people flock during this season.

Perupalem beach is 37 km southeast of Bhimavaram, located in Mogalturu mandal.

During 'Karthikamasam', turnout of people is usually more during Sundays and Wednesdays.

As part of security arrangements, the district police department has posted up to 40 policemen at Perupalem beach to oversee security.

The state government is also developing Perupalem as a beach destination, with special interest taken by local legislator Mudunuri Prasada Raju.

Government has extended the beach road at Perupalem and has started a festival in February which will be an annual affair.

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