Beware! Criticising Judiciary can land you in trouble in AP

If you are super active on social media, we suggest you to be watchful of your language and comments. Why? Because you may end up having the CBI case on you for being harsh and making critical comments or defaming the judiciary. If you are used to hurling abuses for a political party or take an extreme stand, hurting sentiments of people, then be assured that you may land in trouble. 
In a surprising move, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registered cases against 16 individuals for allegedly defaming judges of the Supreme Court and the Andhra Pradesh High Court on social media. The move followed an October 12 Andhra Pradesh High Court order directing such a probe into “the role of prominent persons in the state” in intentionally targeting the judges of the Supreme Court and the High Court.
Notices were also issued to 49 leaders and activists of the state’s ruling YSR Congress Party and the probe agency was ordered to book all who slander judges.
The October 12 High Court order came days after Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy complained to the Chief Justice of India that the Andhra Pradesh High Court Chief Justice and four other judges were acting against his elected government at the behest of a senior Supreme Court judge, who, he said, was close to his rival, the Telugu Desam Party chief, Chandrababu Naidu.
Based on the High Court order, the CBI has now taken over the investigation into 12 FIRs registered by Andhra Pradesh Police on the complaint of Registrar General of the Andhra High Court. The High Court had directed CBI "to examine as to whether...attacks on judiciary were made as a result of larger conspiracy or not." It had also asked the CBI to get derogatory posts removed from social media and get the abusive user accounts blocked in accordance with the law.
We hope that this will serve as an example to those who create fake accounts for political parties to hurl abuses and make obscene comments on individuals they oppose. Let us realise that each person, irrespective of their profession, deserves to be respected and be given dignity! 

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