Book Excerpt: The Truth About Time - What you Thought you knew

Book Excerpt: The Truth About Time - What you Thought you knew
  • Priority Dilution is the new procrastination. It often affects the chronic overachievers.
  • Many of the most common catchphrases we hear in relation to “time management” are not views shared by true Multipliers.
  • Telling yourself and others how “busy” you are is a self-defeating pattern that erodes your feeling of ownership and control and thwarts your creativity from being used to find solutions to your challenges.
  • Balance is a myth that doesn’t even make practical sense to pursue. A Multiplier’s viewpoint is one of imbalancing their focus and energy in a desired direction for a short amount of time to create a desired result.
  • Leisure is a deceptively unsatisfying goal. Work is good and should be one of the primary sources of joy in our lives.
  • Results are what matter, and they are what Multipliers keenly drive toward. If you focus on producing results without limiting your ideas about how to create those results, you will come up with amazing solutions.
  • The average person spends one hour a day looking for stuff.
  • The average person over the age of sixty-five spends forty-eight hours per week watching television.
  • What if you erased everything you thought you knew about time management?
(Source: Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden)

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