Cyclone Nivar: How Uppada Beach poured out Gold Beads

Excavations have made gold digging and finding possible. But, can you imagine finding gold after a Cyclone wreaks havoc in an area? Well, the fishermen of Uppada were pleasantly surprised with that too.
 Locals from Udappa, a village near the coast, rushed to the beach in East Godavari of Andhra Pradesh, to collect gold last Saturday, which was believed to have washed ashore in the area after the high tide due to Cyclone Nivar.
Local fishermen had initially found glittering gold filings along with small beads of the precious metal on the beach. As the news of the gold spread, hundreds of people rushed to Uppada braving the cyclonic rain to test their luck. Some 50 locals got gold worth about Rs 3,500 each.
Local legends had it that ancient temples got submerged under the sea over time and eroded, and the ruins of those washed up on shore during high tide after the landfall of Cyclone Nivar. 
“It is customary in these parts to bury small gold beads or particles during the foundation laying ceremony for houses and temples. As old buildings collapsed under the impact of sea erosion, the gold particles must have been carried into the sea along with the debris. 
Cyclone Nivar has overhauled the sea. In the process, some of the gold particles must have landed on the beach from the ocean bed.
According to some sources, a few houses and a couple of old temples on the coast had been washed away during the last month’s heavy rain and some of them might have lost small pieces of gold.
After the landfall last week, Nivar weakened into a cyclonic storm and further into a deep depression by the afternoon. The cyclone led to snapping of overhead electricity cables in a few districts on the Southern Coast. 
Rescue personnel ferried cooked food to the people using inflatable boats. The residents of some of the affected areas shifted to the homes of their relatives, while others continued to stay put battling the odds. 
Well, amidst this pall of gloom that 2020 brought us, this gold spewing beach has brought a much-needed relief for at least the fishermen who have been struggling without business due to the pandemic’s impact. 

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