Dont’ have a FASTag yet? Transport vehicles may lose out if they don’t get it before year-end

The Road Transport Authority (RTA) of Andhra Pradesh is gearing up to make FASTag mandatory for all transport vehicles under the M&N category (goods and passenger vehicles) from January 1, 2021. 

The RTA will not issue a fitness certificate if the vehicle owners fail to affix the FASTag to their vehicles as per guidelines issued by the Union ministry of road transport and highways. 

According to RTA deputy transport commissioner for Visakhapatnam, GC Raja Ratnam: “We have received guidelines from the Centre regarding making FASTag compulsory for transport vehicles from January 1. We are waiting for instructions from our higher-ups in the state to go.”

A transport vehicle must take a fitness certificate every two years, Raja Ratnam said, adding, “We will go for enforcement drives after all transport vehicles get FASTags. The system is very useful for easing traffic movement on the highways.” 

General secretary of the AP Lorry Owners’ Welfare Association YV Eswara Rao said the state has nearly three lakh trucks, ranging between four wheels to 18 wheels, of which 2.5 lakh have already affixed the FASTag. 

Services of the remaining 50,000 trucks without the FASTag are limited locally and move only within a 50 km radius of a city or town for transport of milk, ration and cement, Eswara Rao added.

“A truck that does not move on the highway does not need FASTags. Even though, we are ready to go ahead according to the guidelines of the government. We will mobilise the truck owners to take the tags before December 31,” Mr. Rao informed. 

Meanwhile, for passenger vehicles which still haven't got FASTag installed, the Centre is expected to come out with a new directive, levying hefty penalties. So, for those who still don't have a FASTag for their vehicles, just get it done so you don't have to stop at toll gates for longer periods and waste your time paying cash! 

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