Far-right taking over the world? US elections 2020 point to this trend

It seems very early to predict the outcome of the US Presidential Election. But, going by the trends of Trump’s winning states, the trend points to a fact that it is distorted from the Biden-Harris triumph like most empathetic Americans claim and is in favour of Donald Trump. 
Trump has been a symbol of far-right extremism, just the way Narendra Modi has, in India. Both, US and India, popular democracies of the world, have been under the rule of right-wing leaders. While Trump has mainstream right-wing extremism across the US with his anti-immigrant provocations and raking up regional sentiments, Modi chose to portray himself as a darling of the International business community to show India as an economically-progressive country. However, at home, the rise of religious violence is an example of how the BJP has been equally responsible for the growing religious divide in the country. 
From higher taxes to collapsing economies to increasing political propaganda in favour of their respective parties to provoking national sentiments, Modi and Trump have succeeded in internalising hate among the people of their nations. While both these leaders lack a global agenda and focus too much on what’s useful for them and not the country, it could set a dangerous precedent for both, the US and India, going further. 
How politics works around these trends
As we see, voting in the information age around the world point to a common trend: Those voters who understand the need for a better candidate and make sense, are the ones who don't usually have the power to decide the victory of (because its a minor %) the better candidate. And, those who don't understand, decide it. The majority is the latter, always! US Elections 2020 too are pointing to this! 
The reason this happens is because of political propaganda. The better candidate (assumed to) rely on her/his abilities (which could be a deterrent in this marketing age) but not much on propaganda as against the existing candidate in the race, who floods the market with propaganda. 
Eventually, when you have a systematic propaganda machine which works from the top to bottom in a well-oiled manner, by spending a great amount of money on it, it catches up among voters like wildfire because everyone gets covered as part of it. Unfortunately, those candidates who don't spend much, could lose out because of their lack of reach. 
What is working today in political battles or elections is a balance in spending money on propaganda plus a candidate’s ability to go all out with the theatrics to woo voters. Given that the profile and the mindset of voters also has changed drastically to short-term goals and immediate requirements, contesting candidates can now get away with any claim without accountability. That’s the reality we live in, today. 
Welcome to the evolution of a far-right world! 

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