Twitter politics of Pawan Kalyan & how it reflects on Jana Sena

Having the stardom and the gall to pull of such a huge mass following is not easy for any actor. The kind of frenzy that Pawan Kalyan creates as an actor for his fans is remarkable. Despite having a successful acting career and continuing the trend of being one of the top paid actors in the Telugu film industry, Pawan chose to enter politics with a promise of practising good politics. 
While everyone who enters politics usually hopes to bring the positive change they want to see, Pawan too had such dreams. In fact, if one were to analyse his vision for politics, they were kind of utopian going by the current trends in politics. 
From envisioning a caste-less political system to genuinely helping the vulnerable, disadvantaged and the downtrodden, his vision and dreams were highly appreciated by all sections of society. His protests for farmers, his concern for the disadvantaged groups, his tours and viewpoints all made sense to the people who wanted to see real change. Alas! This was short-lived. How? 
Let’s take the example of Special Status for Andhra Pradesh. As an ally of the Telugu Desam Party during the 2014 elections and a little after that, Pawan Kalyan believed Special Status to Andhra Pradesh was important for the state to progress economically. He supported and fought for the cause along with the TDP. Similarly, he was also vocal about the completion of Polavaram project. 
However, all of these causes suddenly disappeared from Jana Sena Party and Pawan Kalyan’s agenda soon after he began distancing himself from the TDP. Whether as an ally or not, one can always voice out their stand on issues related to the state. But, gradually, it became clear that Pawan Kalyan was holding talks with the BJP and shifting his agendas. 
It was also the time when he announced his re-entry into films after declaring that he’s giving up his film career. Somehow, his re-entry into films and watering down of his political agenda and opinions began at the same time. From almost not commenting on what is happening in Andhra Pradesh, despite contesting from the state in 2019 elections and losing, Pawan Kalyan and his party have relegated themselves only to practising Twitter politics now. 
Going by his recent comments, while he is questioning the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and its motives in the recent Dubbaka bypoll and the controversy around it in the neighbouring state of Telangana, many people from his own party and Andhra Pradesh are wondering why he is silent about the atrocities happening within the state. 
In fact, his deafening silence about the lawlessness and increasing violence in Andhra Pradesh is surprising to many in the political circles as Pawan is usually vocal and responds with heart in these matters. Will Pawan eventually merge his party into the BJP like his elder brother merged Praja Rajyam into the Congress? We don’t know yet. 
But, it is clear that Pawan currently wants to practise social media-based politics rather than be on ground and drive real change. We are yet to see how his role in politics will pan out in the coming years! 

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