A year-end lesson: How a police inspector adopted abandoned elderly couple

This is a sorry tale of a septuagenarian couple, which will serve as an eye-opener to the children who neglect the wellbeing of their parents in the old age.  The couple were thrown out of the house by their three sons at Swamy Peta village in Nandigam mandal of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh, after inheriting their property. 
The shelterless couple moved to a cattle shed near their house. Having learnt about the plight of the old couple, Nandigam Sub-Inspector K. Sirisha visited Swamy Peta and adopted them. 
When contacted, she said Badhri Chandraiah, a small farmer, and his wife Gowramma, were thrown out of their house by sons Narayana, Pandodu and Thellodu five days ago. 
Nowhere to go, the penniless old couple took shelter in the cattle shed. Unable to bear the verbal abuse of their sons even after being thrown out of their house and the biting cold, the couple approached the local police for help. 
Moved by the plight of the couple, Sirisha went to their rescue. After adopting the couple, she provided them essential goods by spending Rs. 10,000 from her pocket. Electricity and other basic amenities were also provided to the cattle shed to ensure that the old couple live comfortably in it.
“I spoke to the village elders and asked them to ensure a comfortable living to the couple in their old age. They agreed to bring pressure on the three sons to take their parents back home. Counselling was also given to the three sons for two days that it is the responsibility of children to take care of parents in their old age,” she said. 
The three sons had realised their mistake after being counselled and agreed to look after their parents in turns. As per the agreement reached in the presence of village elders, the three sons who are living separately with their families, will keep their parents for three months each. The SI said she would monitor the well-being of the old couple henceforth even if they stay with their sons in the village. 
This example points to the increasing isolation of elderly couples by their children. This should serve as a lesson to those whose self-centredness has taken over their humanity. We, at Better Andhra, hope that this will be a thought we leave you with as the year ends. 

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