IISC, Wipro develop India’s 1st Metal 3D Printing Machine

In a partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Wipro 3D, the additive manufacturing (AM) business of India’s tech giant Wipro, has developed an industry-grade metal additive 3D printing machine.
According to Wipro 3D, the newly developed printing machine works on selective electron beam melting technology. Moreover, the machine offers better thermal management, higher part density as well as superior mechanical properties.
Ajay Parikh, vice president and business head at Wipro 3D said that this is India’s first Electron beam melting powder bed fusion 3D printer. “The machine, whose benchmarking is underway and likely to be completed in the near future, symbolises Wipro 3D’s constant effort for additive technology,” he said.
AR Sihag, secretary, department of heavy industry (DHI) said that the department expects IISc and Wipro 3D to keep maturing the platform so that it can compete globally.
Wipro’s Tryst With 3D
Currently, metal 3D printing is still in its nascent stages in both India and global markets. However, Wipro, with finding its application in many sectors such as defence, industrial equipment, among others, has become a key player in this new-age technology.
In addition to this metal additive 3D printing machine, Wipro 3D is also engaged in building some aerospace components, including a thruster for satellite engines using this new-age technology.
3D Startups In India
3D printing market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to reach $4.3 Bn by 2021, as per 6WResearch. Globally, this technology has been projected to create a market worth $30.19 Bn by 2022, including the manufacturing and sale of 3D printers. Moreover, for India, the numbers stand only at $79 Mn by 2021.
While 10 years ago, 3D printing was considered as alien technology, in India, in this hyper digitisation era, India is in the position to forge ahead with its own startup brigade.
There are startups already making their names both in India as well as globally. The list includes Altem Technologies, Imaginarium, Brahma3, JGroup Robotics, REALiz3D, Fracktal Works, df3d, Supercraft3D, 3Dexter, Maher Soft’s flagship product Indie and more.

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