Thanks to Facebook, Andhra man reunites missing girl with family after 12 years

When Bhavani (16) came looking for a job in Vamsi Krishna’s house in Vijayawada, he asked for her documents, as he does with all the employees he hires. Bhavani had none. She told him that she had gone missing as a child and was adopted by a woman. She had no clue where her real family was. Vamsi was moved by her story and decided to search for her family. He started by searching on popular social media platform Facebook by adding details of Bhavani, and how she went missing as a child.
Thanks to his efforts, Bhavani was reunited with her family. 
Speaking to the media, Vamsi said, “I used to check the documents of people I hire. So, I asked the girl for documents to know her age. She told me that she does not have any document as she was adopted by a woman when she went missing. I asked her whether she wants to connect with her real parents. She said yes. Then I took details from her and started searching on Facebook.” 
According to sources, the girl was adopted by a woman in Vijayawada, since the age of four when she was separated from her family hailing from Vizianagaram district.
Vamsi later added, “I sent a message to some people. And one person reverted to my message. I took his details, which matched the information provided by the girl. He then requested for a video call. He and her parents later confirmed that the girl belongs to their family.” 
Finally, Bhavani was reunited with her family. 
Facebook, has in many instances, helped missing people reunite with their families. Earlier this year, a person who was missing since 2011, was reunited with his family. His mother came across his profile on Facebook and alerted the cybercrime officials, who traced the IP address and located him in Ranakala village in Amritsar district, Punjab. 

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