Women Safety: Apps & Technology tips in times of distress

The horrific murder of the 26-year-old veterinary doctor in Hyderabad has left the whole nation in a state of shock and fear. With the increasing crime rate, the safety of women has become a major concern to everyone in the country. In order to alleviate fear and ensure safety, technology could be used by women in times of distress. 
Here are a few apps and technology tricks that can play a key role in ensuring women safety:
1. 112 India
Launched by the Central government, ‘112 India’ is a mobile application, which enables the users to receive help from cops, while in an emergency. The app for women safety will also send alert messages to the contacts registered by the user. One can seek the help of police by dialling 112 or sending SOS, SMS, and panic buttons. On reaching the destination safely, the user can inform their family and friends by pressing the ‘I am Safe button’.
Where to download: Google Play Store and Apple App Store 
2. Hawk Eye – Telangana Police 
Hawk Eye app is part of the Hyderabad City Police’s initiative to bolster women’s safety in the city. By tapping on the SOS button, the application sends a pre-recorded message with the user’s name, address, and location to his/her family, friends, the Inspector of the nearest police station, and police patrolling teams. 
Where to download: Google Play Store and Apple App Store 
3. Google Maps
One of the many features of Google Maps is that it allows the individual to share one’s location with others until he/she chooses to turn it off. By adding the email address of guardians under ‘Location sharing’, the user will be directed to sharing the real-time location with friends and family. 
Where to download: Google Play Store and Apple App Store 
4. BEAWARE – Personal Safety App
With the click of a button, this application captures the audio and video of the users’ surroundings and sends the information to the contact numbers registered in the app. When in a state of emergency, the safety app also calls the guardians automatically one after the other.
Where to download: Google Play Store
5. Women Safety 
Once the Women Safety application is installed, the users can add contacts to it. The app’s home page has three circles – red, orange, and green. When a woman is in distress, she has to click on the red button. The location, picture, and video up to two minutes will be sent to the contacts pre-registered on the app. In case the environment seems suspicious, she could tap on the orange button to report her location to the family and friends. The green button is to inform the dear ones that everything is normal. 
Where to download: Google Play Store 

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