4 Things TRS needs to rectify before 2023 Elections

If the GHMC Election Results are to be taken seriously, then the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) needs a booster shot to correct its mistakes so far and proceed cautiously if it wants to retain power in the next elections. 
With TRS just scrapping through victory with 55 seats (against the 100 it expected) and BJP winning an unexpected 48 seats while MIM maintained its stronghold in the GHMC limits, the K.Chandrasekhara Rao-led government needs to stop and introspect about its vote share waning in the state. 
According to the GHMC Results, the TRS’ vote share stands at 35.81% while BJP’s comes close at 34.5% while MIM stood at 18.2% while the Congress’ share dipped. These numbers are clear indication on how the TRS needs to rectify these 4 things in these 3 years before elections: 
  1. Anti-incumbency trend: The TRS government needs to grab this opportunity to rectify its mistakes which have caused a massive voter trust erosion. With the TRS government not responding effectively during the pandemic, not having a crisis management plan during the recent Hyderabad Floods and a dissatisfaction among government employees, the anti-incumbency trend is working against the party. So, the TRS needs to be careful with governance and rectify its mistakes. 
  1. Lackadaisical attitude: There is carelessness at the top-level with respect to the party and its work. From lack of motivation and respect for leaders within the party to not paying attention to the importance of leadership and development works within the state, everything has had an effect on the results. 
On the other hand, development works too are progressing at a slow pace while civic complaints are usually neglected. The stoppage of registrations has affected the real estate sector while the whole LRS and Dharani schemes have actually brought a lot of negativity for the TRS. Through the LRS, the government has, in fact, given a chance for legalising illegal layouts. This has become a sticky point while general citizens are concerned about why the government, through Dharani, wants to know the details of each individual’s assets. 
Additionally, by targeting business and industry leaders as well as the Telugu film industry whenever convenient, the TRS has gained a negative image even among this community. 
  1. Neglecting Harish Rao & senior leaders: For a few years now, there have been rumours about KCR neglecting key leaders like Harish Rao and those who have been a core part of the Telangana struggle. While it is a known fact that Harish Rao has been sidelined, this is turning to be counter-productive for the TRS as it has built resentment among TRS cadre. 
While many are unable to voice out their dissatisfaction in sidelining leaders, there is also an opinion that KCR doesn’t give appointments to senior leaders nor does he hear them out. This growing distance between KCR and the party cadre is something that needs to be straightened out. 
Additionally, KTR has been covering base in his father’s absence. However, this only further proves that it is a “father-son” run government as BJP and other Opposition parties allege. Moreover, by giving an MLC ticket to Kavitha, the Kalvakunta family has proved that it is indeed a family-focussed party. So, there is a need to learn from this and rid itself of that image. 
  1. Muslim votebank: One issue that brought the BJP votes this time is TRS’ diplomatic attitude towards the Muslim community. Though people do not say it openly, there is a general resentment among Hindus in the state on how KCR gives a freeway to the MIM and his family in the city. 
Despite there being several allegations of the Owaisis neglecting the development of their own constituencies and land encroachment by Owaisi’s family, KCR’s silence about it has bothered many people within the state. A common fact that worked this time for the BJP is that “KCR and MIM are friends. And, they support the Muslim community. We are Hindus and hence, there’s nothing wrong in voting for a party that supports our religion.” 
Going by this, at least now, the TRS needs to maintain a safe distance from the MIM while also clipping its wings wherever required. 
If the TRS focuses seriously on these four issues and simultaneously continues its development works as well as welfare schemes, it could gradually grow its cadre strength within the state. This would give the pink party the confidence to win the next election and retain the seat of power in the state. 

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