Amaravati Tragedy: A Documentary by Parakala Prabhakar on"farmers plight and fight" not flight

(The BetterAndhra View)
It has been over 355 days that the farmers of Amaravati have been on the streets, fighting for their lands and to situate the capital in that region. This fight cannot go unheard or unnoticed in our country. This needs a voice! 

Focussing on this tragic story of a state that is now without a capital officially, Dr. Parakala Prabhakar, who has worked as an advisor with Government of Andhra Pradesh during Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s Chiefministership (2014-19), following bifurcation, has now come up with a documentary on this story titled “Capital Tragedy.”

The documentary is a comprehensive, well-researched neutral story which tracks the origins of Andhra Desa and traces the history of Telugu people’s struggle for a separate state. It goes back the story of Telugus have, in different periods of history, demanded a separate state and governance in their local language. From the Satavahanas to the current day Andhra Pradesh post-bifurcation, the documentary is an intriguing narrative that also sheds light on the political development and its consequences on the Telugu States. 

The Capital Tragedy, through the eyes of Amaravati Farmers, reflects the reality of police brutality under the current government, lack of government’s empathy for farmers, political egos blinding politicians, the great promise of an ambitious capital and the entire process of how Amaravati was chosen as the Capital by the former government. 

It captures the essence of how Constitutional approval by the Central Government for “Amaravati as AP’s Capital” has been crucial and why the Jagan government or any incumbent government cannot shift or change the capital based on its whims and fancies. It also tracks the legality behind such constitutionally approved decisions and the need for Centre to pitch in, whenever required. 

This documentary questions the collective conscience of every single citizen or person, associated with Andhra Pradesh, in any way. It also reflects the collective trauma that the people of Andhra Pradesh are currently undergoing for giving an absolute majority to a party that has made destructive decisions in ruining the existing development works in the state. 


It is also a clear question each voter needs to put for themselves — whether to allow such destructive governments to take over or to choose leaders who can plan a secure future for the state’s citizens? Unfortunately, that’s the thing with Democracy. A vote has the power to change everyone’s fate. Now, it is left for the people of AP to decide! 

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