AP Roundup 2020: How AP slid into a failed state

Still being a headless and capital-less state, Andhra Pradesh has witnessed some of the worst incidents this year than last year. 
On the political front, the YSRCP government continues to attack leaders and cadre of the Opposition, the Telugu Desam Party while also sliding the state into a lawless and a failed state on the path to destruction. 

Mockery & Bullying: From cheap gimmicks of Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy to bullying and boy-shaming fellow members of the Assembly, the YSRCP cadre exposure their immature, narrow mindsets publicly. This also included abusive insults, using unparliamentary language in the House and direct physical attack threats to members of the Opposition. 

Normalising violence: From factionism rising to the police force working as the personal security force to Jagan, everything seems to be going the YSRCP way. With police brutality on the rise, bloodshed and violence is being witnessed through various incidents across the state. From increase in crimes against women to random killings allegedly by the ruling party leaders, everything seems to be going haywire for the state.

Illegal businesses on the rise: Following the ban of liquor sales in Andhra Pradesh, fake brands and liquor businesses led by the ruling party leaders have flooded the market. Similarly, land encroachments on a massive scale are being witnessed across the state. Red sandalwood exports, illegal mining, illegal sand mining too is rampant in the current scenario. Similarly, blackmail, threats and extortion too is ruling the roost in Andhra Pradesh. 

Lack of respect for public institutions: With the YSRCP government announcing welfare schemes for the poor, banks are forced to give loans to them without any guarantee. This has led to banks refusing to lend as there is no clause to repay the loan. For those who have refused, YSRCP government has made a mockery of banks by recently directing the GVMC in Vizag to drop heaps of trash in front of the bank that denied to give loans. 

Welfare, for who? By showering money on the poor through various welfare schemes, the current YSRCP government is definitely strengthening its votebank. But, directly distributing cash, there are hardly anyone in the state who are willing to go out and seek work. By ruining people with free money, the state has a bleak future as unemployment will be on the rise while vices like drinking, smoking and others may take over the population gradually, while financially bankrupting the state. 

Religious divide: Ever since YSRCP came to power, there have been rumours of rampant conversion to Christianity across the state along with bait for money. This has created space for the BJP to propagate the Hindu agenda in the state. While this has been a tussle in the state, several Hindus temples under Jagan’s watch were vandalised or desecrated in this year. It remains to be seen how this will further fuel the religious divide in the state. 

No money, no capital: Even as the fight for one capital by Amaravati has crossed a year, the current YSRCP government seems to still tag it as a fight of one caste. Not only has it been unfair to the farmers but also worsened the state's situation by declaring three capitals. From confusion, this has resulted in further uncertainty. Adding to these woes is the lack of completion of state's key projects such as Polavaram. Neither are there funds from the Centre nor is the state financially sound enough to continue it. 

How all these lapses pan out in the future for Andhra Pradesh under such a thoughtless leader is something we need to wait and watch. Will it survive this blow or endure it all and give new hope? The answer is open to guesswork!

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