Birds of the same flock? Tainted bureaucrat Srilakshmi posted to AP cadre

They say birds of the same feather flock together. Well, looks like it has turned out right in the case of Y. Srilakshmi an IAS officer who shot to fame following the Obulapuram Mining case which was one of India’s biggest mining scams. 
Srilakshmi who served jail term was allotted to Telangana cadre following bifurcation. If one were to recap her story, the CBI arrested Srilakshmi and V.D. Rajagopal in the illegal Obulapuram Mining Company case. 
The investigation revealed that Srilakshmi had dropped the term “captive mining” in the final order while approving the license to the company. She also said that she and V.D. Rajagopal was compelled to approve orders at the behest of the then minister, Sabitha Indra Reddy. This was done during Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy’s Chiefministership in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. 
Following this, Srilakshmi was suspended after having taken huge bribes during the process of approval for the mining contract. Y. Srilakshmi, a 1988 batch IAS officer of Telangana cadre, will be inducted into the Andhra Pradesh cadre, according to an official release. 
The IAS officer was allotted to Telangana post bifurcation of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh but had approached the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) in Hyderabad seeking a transfer to Andhra Pradesh. The CAT ruled in favour of the officer in November and the Andhra Pradesh government on Saturday evening issued a Government Order confirming her induction.
It is a clear indication that Jagan-led government is back to proving all the corrupt officers who were proven guilty of misappropriation are now back into his government. Apart from the already existing lawlessness in the state, bringing back tainted officers who were proven guilty of corruption doesn’t reflect positively for the YSRCP.
This only further proves that the YSRCP government clearly encourages this behaviour of corruption and reckless mentality in the state. On the other hand, it sets a bad example on a Chief Minister who is already accused in a number of cases related to corruption and money laundering. 

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