How 2020 has turned Healthcare Experts into new influencers

Something that we’ve never seen before has happened in 2020. It totally shook us all and woke us up to the fact that healthcare workers are the foremost ones who save us. From seeing videos of healthcare workers, doctors and paramedics spreading positivity during COVID to dancing away to beat the lockdown blues, they rose as real-life heroes to cheer us up and keep fighting for us, along with us. 
Moreover, if there’s one thing we have learned about people’s shopping habits cooped up in their homes this year, it’s that impulse is giving way to purpose. For the pandemic shopper, purchase decisions for categories such as organic food to immunity boosters to varieties of hygiene products are no longer driven by whims. Little wonder then that companies rolled out thousands of products and variants to cater to the changing consumer demands.
And guess who’s becoming the new age influencer driving sales? It’s not social media influencers or the advertising extravaganza, “but the recommendations of doctors, dentists and other experts that will sway preferences in the near future”, says Anurita Chopra, Marketing Lead-Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare.
In small towns across India, the registered medical practitioner and even the compounder is already an influencer. Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Unani doctors are next in line. We are already witnessing the rise of these influencers on Instagram. From whacky videos to easy tips and tricks during the pandemic, they are giving all the information they can. 
Experts in segments like haircare and skincare will further influence what brands and products consumers add to their consideration set. In the upcoming days, product offering mix will change too, with categories which have very little to do with health care morphing. Think (Chyawanprash) ice cream! For brands, this will be an opportunity to leapfrog their product innovation.
Additionally, brands will also use healthcare experts as their ambassadors as they will not only lower their costs of marketing but also understand the subject or product well, before selling it to consumers. Well, who thought that a pandemic would create an opportunity for healthcare workers to influence the world? Perhaps, it is time! 

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