Why AP is evolving into a national shame

The legislative assembly proceedings in Andhra Pradesh seem like a political joke. From the Speaker being a lackadaisical member who has no respect for the rules of the House to the members of YSR Congress Party who are unruly, uncivilised members behaving like hooligans, the whole Assembly seems like a street fight scene from a movie. 
Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, who needs to be on time, delayed the start of the House and made the proceedings begin only after he arrived. Not only that but his mockery and imitation of Opposition leader and TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu sets a bad example for the state and its future. 
Andhra Pradesh is currently going through a turmoil in every way. From investments leaving the state to its political situation being in jeopardy, every aspect of it is being destroyed bit by bit. Even the government institutions and offices like the Assembly which are constitutional institutions are being disrespected. 
If we consider examples of what happens within the legislative assembly, one fails to understand why YSRCP MLAs and ministers use unparliamentary language and abuses in the House. Neither is there any decorum in the house nor is there any dignity left in the ruling party legislators. Such is the situation where they are allowed to warn a former Chief Minister with death threats and abuses. 
Andhra Pradesh has become a national joke in every sense. So, the people of Andhra Pradesh, who have voted for such a government with a thumping majority, need to think of their future themselves. Is this the kind of government they want? Is this the kind of politics they want to encourage? Are these the leaders they look upto? And, is there any future with such unruly leadership in the state? 
The choice is theirs. The future is theirs. The state is theirs. The decision is left to them. 

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