Tea to combat poppy cultivation in Manipur

With Manipur grappling to combat the menace of widespread deforestation allegedly caused by large-scale poppy cultivation in the hills of the state, a private tea company has embarked on a path-breaking initiative to replace narcotics plantations with tea gardens.

Manipur-based Meckley Tea India Company, a recent entrant into the tea industry, has invested. In cultivating and promoting tea in Manipur and has identified several picturesque locations in the state, blessed with lush green tea gardens and serene landscapes, to establish tea tourism destinations.

A startup from Manipur, it aims to be a leading player in the Indian tea industry by producing high-quality tea.

Tea scientist P. Bordoloi, former advisor to Toklai Tea Research Association, the leading tea research institute. In the country, indicated that climate conditions, temperature, rainfall. And soil of the mountainous regions may adapt with the best tea of the highest quality in the world.

Another encouraging indicator of the tea venture is that wild teas are naturally grown in the forests of Manipur.

Tea tourism is a rapidly-growing industry that not only offers tourists a unique experience, but also generates employment opportunities for the local population.

The promotion of tea tourism will create new avenues for employment, ranging from tea. Plucking to hospitality services, leading to enhanced income and a better standard of living for the local communities.  

Besides, tea cultivation is eco-friendly and sustainable, which will contribute to the conservation of Manipur’s pristine natural beauty.

Milan Koijam, Director of Meckley Tea India Company, said the target is to produce 16,826.92 kg tea by converting 7,500 hectares of poppy cultivation areas into tea plantations to generate Rs 72 crore revenues.

Koijam added that the initiative will provide employment to people besides increasing the GDP of Manipur.

He also solicited the support and collaboration of the government, local communities and stakeholders in making the venture a success.

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