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Allu Arjun dresses in saree, laden with jewellery in ‘Pushpa 2’ poster

Allu Arjun is seen dressed in a saree and wearing gold jewellery in the first-look poster of ‘Pushpa: The Rule’, the much-awaited sequel of the hit movie.

The actor shared the poster of ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ on Twitter.

The makers released the poster along with a teaser video — ‘Where is Pushpa?’ — on the eve of Allu Arjun’s birthday. Director Sukumar has raised the expectations of the audience with the three-minute special video introducing Pushpa and his world.

After the huge success of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, expectations are big from the sequel.

The video begins with the news that Pushpa has escaped from Tirupati jail with gunshot wounds. The police deploy a special unit to hunt down Pushpa in the forests. Pushpa’s supporters take to the streets and resort to violence following rumours of his death or his escape to some other country.

The chaotic situation pauses for a moment with the breaking news on a channel that Pushpa has been spotted in a jungle. The hidden camera footage from a nature reserve shows a tiger stepping away as Pushpa enters with his characteristic swagger.

And he declares: “When an animal in a forest steps back, then you should know a tiger has come, but when tiger itself steps away, then it’s Pushpa who has come.” The video ends with the punchline: ‘Rule Pushpa Ka’.

The much-awaited movie is likely to be released in the Summer of 2024.

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