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Allu Arjun reveals what he likes best about Pushpa

Superstar Allu Arjun, who is gearing up for ‘Pushpa: The Rule’, said that the franchise is his biggest film by far and revealed that his character’s “never give up” attitude is what he really likes. 

The star shared a sneak peek into his work and life in the reel on the world’s most followed Instagram account – @instagram. He lets his audience into his home, office and even in his car while he makes it to the sets of ‘Pushpa-The Rule’.

While on set, the actor transforms himself from the suave star that he is, into the rugged Pushpa Raj. Maestro director Sukumar is seen directing Allu Arjun in a scene of the under-production sequel, and it is an absolute treat to watch the actor perform.

Allu Arjun said: “I’ve done almost 20 movies. Pushpa is my 20th film and its my biggest film by far. There’s one thing about this character that I really like: he’s got a never-give-up attitude. There’s always a part of me that’s a part of the character. If Pushpa was played by somebody else, they would interpret it some other way. This is my interpretation so that’s what Pushpa is all about. This particular one.”

Released in 2021, ‘Pushpa – The Rise’ had created a historic wave at the box office. The film had taken over the nation with its iconic dialogues, storyline and music. The trends on Instagram, where people danced to the movie songs, and enacted Pushpa Raj’s moves has a fan following of its own. 

The video can be seen on the official Instagram account. 

Allu Arjun said about his fans: “Fans in India are very different from the rest of the world. You have to see it for real, I can’t explain. They play a huge part of my motivation because it’s their love that actually makes me push my boundaries and. I want to make them really proud like more proud and more proud.”

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