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Hip-hop track ‘10000 Pax’ is unique blend of gangsta & dance music

Actor-director Raghava Lawrence ahead of his film ‘Jigarthanda Double X’ has released a new hip-hop track called ‘10000 Pax’. An experimental rap song, the song blends gangsta rap, freestyle, electronic, dance music creating a groove that is full swag.

Written and performed by ofRo, the song has as much of a party vibe as it oozes pure hip gangsta style. In many ways, it is similar to something that Ice-T, Eminem, or Kanye West do, but can sonically be differentiated because of its more avant-garde nature.

There is a lot of bling in the video, though it also has scenes from the film and the composition of Santhosh Narayanan who has made the track as groovy and cool as possible.

There is a very chill attitude in the whole song despite it primarily being a gangsta rap song. The delivery of ofRo is very much on point, and underlying the extremely chill nature, there is some hardcore aggression here as ‘10000 Pax’ is announcing the shoot of the song with the words: “Lights, Camera, Action.”

The production is also very much on point with the sound design and the arrangement really complimenting the overall nature of the track.

‘Jigarthanda X’ also known as ‘Jigarthanda 2’ is the sequel to the actor’s 2014 film ‘Jigarthanda’. However, the film doesn’t have many similarities with the previous one as ‘Double X’ is a standalone sequel.

Directed once again by Karthik Subbaraj and produced by Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Alankar Pandian and S. Kathiresan, the film stars Raghava Lawrence, S. J Suryah, Nimisha Sanjayan, Shine Tom Chakko, and Sathyan. The period-action-comedy-neo-Western film will hit theatres on November 10, 2023.

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