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Lakshmi Manchu releases rendition of Adi Shankara’s hymn on Shivaratri

Tollywood actor and producer Lakshmi Manchu, who is busy with the post-production work of her film ‘Agninakshatram’ and preparing for her annual fundraiser fashion show, has sprung a surprise to mark Shivaratri.

It’s a solo track titled ‘Nirvanashatakam’, which is an ode to Lord Shiva. Lakshmi released the song on the occasion of Maha Shivratri on her YouTube channel, sharing glimpses of it on other social media spaces as well.

Shot at the holy ghats of Varanasi, ‘Nirvanashatakam’ is an expression of Lakshmi’s love for Shiva. Adi Shankaracharya is the original creator of the ‘Nirvanashatakam’, also known as Atma Shatakam. It is based on the concepts of non-dualism and shunya, which have been the core of many religious philosophies.

The actor has said earlier she hit the path of spirituality when she was in Class IX. The song ‘Nirvanashatakam’ is a high-octane number that is also all-encompassing and sombre. The lyrics of the song are a mix of Telugu and English, where the part in English comes as a rap to translate the profound lyrics for a larger audience.

Lakshmi said: “I started mulling over this song around the time of the birth of my daughter, Nirvana, which was when my spiritual journey accelerated. The name Nirvana became even more meaningful to me after hearing the song. It is beautiful to realise that we are pure consciousness and bliss.

I have been to Mount Kailasha thrice and did full parikramas, took dips at Mansarovar Lake. Learning more about Shiva and visiting holy places where it’s believed to be Shiva’s home have helped me connect and discover my true self. Very recently I got the chance to visit Bhinmal, which is on the border of Rajasthan, Pakistan and Gujarat. It just turned out to be a serene and spiritual experience.”

When asked about this special gift to Shiva, Lakshmi said: “I am very proud of making this song. I spent so much time finding myself and discover the true purpose of being that I had to put it out there. I wanted to reflect all of the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my spiritual journey.

“When I heard original Nirvanashatakam, it moved me and since then I have been trying to dig deeper and chase happiness within me. I think it was time to shower all the love I’ve experienced in this song.”

She signed off, saying: “Aside the fact the Nirvanashatakam is an ode to Shiva it also emerged out of love and the desire to find happiness within oneself. And there isn’t a better day to express my love for Shiva than the day he is believed to be born – Maha Shivratri. Nirvanashatakam, lyrically will help everyone look deep within themselves and challenge them to be in sync with their mind. The song will definitely be your spiritual calling.

“This song helped me to understand more about life and question my own existence. I hope more people listen to this song and the works of Adishankaracharya, which are still relevant today despite being thousands of years old.

“This is my ode to Lord Shiva, who I deeply connect with. It is a dream come true to sing this song and to have visited Kasi to shoot the video. I share this with you now and forever.”

Lakshmi has dabbled in playback singing earlier. Her song titled ‘Yandiroo’ from the movie ‘Dongaata’ also landed her a Celebrity Singer Award from ETV.

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