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Lakshmi Manchu savours Northern Lights, husky-sleigh rides in Finland

Tollywood actress Lakshmi Manchu loves to travel and has been documenting stories of her travels in Finland on Instagram.

Her stories and posts have been filled with good food, scenic locations and postcard memories from Finland.

Talking about chasing Northern Lights and conquering fears, Lakshmi said, “The best part of this trip was fighting through all fears I had. I would always go to a beach any day and never go to cold climates.

“Since this plan was made for the Northern Lights, I gave my all in and decided to go for it. We did the Husky Sleigh Ride, which I was fearing but conquered. We went husky riding early in the morning and they’re riding at 30 km per hour, the wind hits your face and by the end of it, I couldn’t feel my fingers.

“We were able to see the Northern Lights for two nights, the last night, the entire sky lit up and it was five minutes from our hotel. The igloos were well equipped and for sure this was a surreal experience. Finland is one of the top five places that I’ve travelled to, all one needs to master is the art of layering.”

She ended the conversation by saying, travelling is therapeutic for her and this trip made her realise one thing, “The locals there seemed very happy and healthy because they spent 80 per cent of their time in nature.”

On the work front, Lakshmi Manchu recently released a promotional video Telusa Telusa from her upcoming film ‘Agninakshatram’. The song is about women empowerment and features Lakshmi and her daughter, Nirvana in it. She also released an ode to Shiva on Shivratri, shot on the holy Ganges and ghats of Varanasi.

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