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Prasanth Varma’s ‘HanuMan’ sparks curiosity about Indian mythology among GenZ

Evident from its trailer and the promotional material, ‘HanuMan’ emerges as the quintessential film for the GenZ audience, offering a captivating take on the superhero genre.

Director Prasanth Varma’s passion project breaks away from conventions, introducing India’s first homegrown superhero in a trailer that leaves fans nationwide enchanted. The film marks the inception of an epic universe.

Gauging from the trailer, one feels automatically connected to the story of an ordinary man discovering extraordinary abilities, turning his life into a compelling battle of good versus evil.

Varma aims to transform the superhero film experience into a gateway for the audience to delve deeper into Indian scriptures and mythology. With a 10-year plan, he not only introduces new characters, but also ensures a respectful portrayal of the original stories, sparking curiosity and a cultural connection among the GenZ audience.

He explains, “I want them to enter the theatre expecting to see a superhero film. When they walk out of the theatre, they will want to know more about Hanuman. They will want to know more about other characters. They will start asking their parents about these characters.

“When we released the teaser, most of the messages that I received were from parents. They were saying, ‘Whenever we try to tell them about our scriptures and all that, they’re not at all interested. After watching your teaser, my kids came to me and asked me, ‘Dad, who is Hanuman? Can you tell me more about him?'”

And they also said, “Thank you so much for making this film. We can’t wait to show our kids this film and make them more interested in our scriptures so that we can talk more about them.”

Sharing the experience, Varma added: “It’s a long journey for me. It’s also like a 10-year plan that we have created. It is a very ambitious thing that we have started. Not only just the films but there are many other things that we are trying to create. There are comics, there are like a lot of other things where this world will keep expanding.

“At the same time, I don’t want to mess with history, I don’t want to mess with whatever the real story is, and we will maintain the same thing. We will not take any liberty or tamper with the original stories.

“Original stories will be told as they are. And the characters will be portrayed how we have been seeing them all our lives. And at the same time, you will see new characters that you will connect with.

“A GenZ person will connect with the film. There will be a number of Gen Z characters in these films that will interact with the characters out of the scriptures. Audiences also learn a lot from these.”

‘HanuMan’ is being presented by RKD Studios. PrimeShow Entertainment (Niranjan Reddy) is the film’s producer and Venkat Kumar Jetty is the Line Producer.

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