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Rahman speaks about opportunities India presents to extraordinary musicians

Music maestro A.R. Rahman has said that India, being culturally such a rich country, presents “a great opportunity to bring everybody together through sounds, words, thoughts, and by also bringing forward those musicians who are extraordinary and who never got a chance before.”

The Oscar- and Grammy-winning music director was launching the third season of Nexa Music in Mumbai when he also that the power of the human mind is more immense than we imagine it to be and that with empowerment, everything becomes achievable.

The launch was also attended by celebrated singers Raja Kumari, King, Arjun Kanungo and Mame Khan.

Discussing the catalysts for advancing regional music in our nation, he emphasized, “Human mind works with empowerment. I feel if the mind is empowered, everything can be done. One has to manifest while making any song that this is the best song that I am going to make and everyone is going to love it. Every language is important and everyone can shine anywhere. One should never underestimate any artiste.”

When asked by the media about what to expect from Season 3, Rahman said: “I would like to use Michael Jackson’s favourite word: Wonderment. People should expect ‘wonderment’ from Season 3. All the contestants will come together and shine and bring something new.”

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