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Sai Dharam Tej Gaanja Shankar teaser shows him in menacing avatar

To mark the 38th birthday of the Telugu star Sai Dharam Tej, his upcoming action film ‘Gaanja Shankar’ has released a teaser which shows the actor in a menacing, and bloody new avatar.

‘Gaanja Shankar’ in many ways appears to be a bit like ‘Leo’ though Sai, though the actor who plays the film’s titular character looks more like an anti-hero than your everyday typical film hero.

The teaser kicks off with what sounds like Ganja Shankar’s daughter, asking him about superheroes. Like Superman and Spiderman, even the BGM in its initial notes sounds. Like something out of an ‘Avengers’ movie, though it quickly takes a different turn.

While the ‘Republic’ actor is narrating a story to his daughter, the clip shows the actor first smoking. A cigar while wearing some cool looking glasses, his face is not fully revealed.

Then as he narrates what sounds like a bedtime story, things begin to progressively take a darker. Turn as he is first being chased by police officers, and then later he is lying on a bench in a park amidst a falling sunset.

At the end shot, the ‘Chitralahari’ actor is holding a cleaver and blood splatters on-screen. Before it shows a pile of corpses and someone is cutting them from under with a shovel.

There is one final shot which says, “Happy Birthday Our Mega Supreme Hero…Mass Assault.”

‘Gaanja Shankar’ is directed by Sampath Nandi, produced by S. Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya, with music by Bheems Ceciroleo. The movie is currently going through post-production process in regards to VFX, and final shots.

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