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The goal is to be recognised on a global platform: Ram Charan says of ‘RRR’ journey

With the Oscar Awards night inching closer, the expectations around ‘RRR’ are on the rise. Actor Ram Charan who is in the US summed up his thoughts on the ‘RRR’ journey to Sam Fragoso of the ‘Talk Easy’ show in Los Angeles.

“RRR is a platform where this journey is going to come. It’s a way of achieving what all the hardworking directors and people in the movie industry in India wanted to see for the last 85 years. The final goal is to be recognised on a world platform.

On the historic Oscar nomination for the ‘Naatu Naatu’ song from ‘RRR’, Ram Charan said, “It is emotional for all of us. It is emotional for my dad who is waiting there. Before taking my flight, he was so sentimental that I was coming here. In 154 films he has done and 42 years he has been working, he has been to the Oscars in the 80s and that too for an appearance, and that also he felt was a huge achievement.

“But today we have been nominated and in the list, and now waiting. He told me the value for it as younger actors, we don’t know the value of this so early in our career but he knows the value and I truly believe, that we are praying for this for everyone in India too, not just actors but it’s like India winning an Olympic gold medal, I do not run but I know the feeling when my Indian sportsperson holds that medal, The Oscars is like an Olympic Gold medal equivalent for us.”

Ram opened up to Fragoso on various aspects of his life. From the Ayyappa deeksha which he has been observing religiously for the last 15 years to his upbringing in a filmi household under the watchful eyes of his father and Tollywood superstar Chiranjeevi.

“He thought it was very glamorous, tempting as an industry and he wanted us to be as normal as possible, he did not want us to know that we had a superstar father and to take it for granted that it would all come easy for us. Whatever he did was right as till today, I am able to pay my EMIs and keep it going and I am doing well because of his upbringing and the way he was.”

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